Wish List

 Eagle Hill Equine Rescue would be so happy to receive gift cards, or gift certificates from the following stores that we use routinely to benefit our endeavors:

  • Staples
  • Lowes
  • Office Depot
  • Rappahannock Equine Clinic
  • Tractor Supply Store
  • Culpeper Farmers CoOp
  • Horse.com
  • Valley Vet

 Tack/ Grooming

  • Hackamores/ bit less bridles (including draft)
  • Snaffle bits
  • Tack trunks
  • Training halters, varying sizes (including draft)
  • Western saddle pads
  • Child size stirrups
  • Hair combs
  • NEW helmets
  • 14ft lead lines (No shanks)
  • Breast collars/Martingales
  • Saddle or bridle racks.
  • Clippers
  • Bell Boots

Farm equipment

  • Fence paint
  • Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom
  • Buckets
  • Water tank heaters
  • Wheel barrels
  • Water tanks
  • Jumping equipment (standards, poles, jump cups, etc).
  • Round pen panels
  • Heavy Duty Hose
  • Fence Boards, posts

Feed and supplements

  • Packermaker Fiber Focus
  • Pacemaker Light and Low
  • Tribute Essential K
  • NO molasses beet pulp
  • Horse Quality Hay
  • Alfalfa Pellets
  • Green Meadows chopped forage
  •  Ivermectin Single Dose Paste
  • Nutramax Cosequin ASU
  • Cosequin Equine Powder
  • Chaste Berry Powder  (for our Seniors with Cushings)
  • SMZ’s, Bute, Banamine

We are also in HUGE need of a new horse/ stock trailer or farm trucks as our trailer is on the small size and we always need new trucks. Contact if you are interested in donating your used trailer or truck!

The horses say thank you for anything you are able to provide on our wishlist!